It’s finally happening—-I think???


I started this blog two years ago when I felt the very idea of me having a blog was totally worthless. My book, though technically “finished” was being rewritten every few months, hoping with each new edition that ONE such copy would draw the attention of an agent; one who was NOT sending out form letters informing authors that he/she was  “accepting no material of this style/genre/whatever at this time.”

February 2012, thanks to a workshop sponsored by Atlanta Writers Club, I found an agent who WANTED me.  I signed a contract and began to do what she told me—change this, edit this, add that.  That took a few months, then she began to solicit publishers. Things got quiet, and it seemed to be back to the land of rejection again. A few months more, and a PUBLISHER wanted me.


November 2012—I signed a contract, then began to do what they told me—change this, edit this, cut this.  Change this, cut this.  Reword this—and this—and this. Then do the same kind of thing with Editor # 2, who was even more meticulous, and Editor #3. Change titles. Change cover. Proof again.  And again.  And again.


April 2013. Suddenly—I have a release date—August 6th.  The last proofs are in, so I have time to labor my “book promotion checklist.” I have approximately 4 months to plan a book launch, a blog tour, solicit blurbs and reviews, plan/order promo materials and “swag,” maybe even create a book trailer. “I can do this!” I say to myself, spending to 4 to 6 hours a day online, trying to stay organized and get everything in shape.  “You can only have one FIRST book, so do it RIGHT” I remember someone saying, and I swear that I will.  I go to Office Depot and print out spiral bound copies. I write letters, I beg for blurbs.  I order bookmarks, take them to conferences, and maybe by the last day I’ll have the nerve to actually GIVE THEM to someone.  I change my profile pic and screen saver to my book cover. I meet with other authors—online, at booksignings, and stalking them any way I find possible. I post my book cover, these meetings, my LIFE— all over Facebook, then individually send it to every I know—on the face of the earth! I sign up for conferences, reserve an expensive booth at a huge book festival, keep finding more and more stuff on this list that I missed the first, or second, or third times—–


It’s July 1st

My book was received by those who ordered from Amazon TODAY. By 10 am I have texts, emails, and facebook messages with pictures of it—yet I don’t have one. My publisher says my author’s copies should be here “by the end of the week, or middle of next week at the latest, with the holiday factor.” I order one from this morning—I simply HAVE to hold it in my hand before then. I had set a date for a launch party—August 15th.  I try to call the Arts Council (who was hosting the launch) back and move up the date—but they’re closed all week due to the holiday. What about those people who were planning my blog tour—do I call them and try to push up THOSE dates as well, or leave as is, or—will they be gone all week, too? I can’t do that one on my own, I’m not even sure I understand what a “blog tour” IS yet—-I’m doing Barnes & Noble at the Mall of Georgia with 3 other authors—-what if NO ONE comes to see ME? Will they call up all the other Barnes & Noble stores in THE WORLD and tell them I’m a loser?  I need to call libraries—should I start in South Georgia, the setting of the book or North Georgia, where I live? Can I DO THIS in just over a month? How did this happen?  Is it fate? Should I just give up NOW or———- —this is so confusing!


8 responses to “It’s finally happening—-I think???

  1. Elaine,
    This is the publishing world. Good thing to look at is at least your book was not late to release. 🙂 I know that doesn’t change the fact that you worked so hard and set everything up- but take a deep breath all the same stuff can happen- your book is just out a little sooner is all. You will be marketing your book for a while now, not just when it releases. You can do this and after all your hard work giving up should never be an option.
    Keep all your things the same- add more even if you want. Just because it released sooner doesn’t make it bad-
    Remember the best made plans usually end up remade.

  2. Amen! You got this!!! The book is great so far…I haven’t finished it yet. (what? with all the rain?) You do what feels right to you. Follow your heart and you won’t go wrong.

  3. Elaine….it’s all going to work out and be FABULOUS and well deserved! Chill. It’s all good – life is good. You’re published, a great writer, storyteller, and have THE gift. We’re all with you and love you! (p.s…mention us when you get famous….btw..)

  4. Hi Elaine,

    A similar thing happened to me last year. My book was due to be released on November 6th, and copies started shipping from Amazon in mid-October. It seems like as soon as Amazon have their stock in, they start shipping.

    I know exactly how you feel. Like you’re not ready, like it’s all getting out of control, like people won’t go to the launch party if they can already get the book on Amazon.

    Believe me, the moment you hold that book in your hands, all the other things vanish. The moment you stand up (or sit down) in front of the crowd that has gathered to help celebrate your launch, ready to line up and have you sign their copy, you’ll feel like all your dreams have come true.

    Enjoy the ride, and enjoy your success!

    PS: If you want any help with your blog tour, give me a shout.

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